His ability to deliver Is unsurpassed in this market.


I have had the pleasure of working with Wyatt on many occasions and on varied projects involving spot production, long format and production planning both in the US and internationally. His knowledge of the industry, equipment and data trends and his ability to deliver are unsurpassed in this market. He is a pleasure to work with and always, always delivers to higher than expected levels. I highly recommend him for any project and as part of any team.

Patricia Torres Burd          Vice President at UBC International  Media Consulting

by Wyatt

Every production team needs a Wyatt Cagle.

Every television, film, or video production team needs a C. Wyatt Cagle. His extensive knowledge of the industry and new technology is unmatched. I have had the pleasure of working with Wyatt on several award winning projects. His professionalism and dedication to his craft is outstanding. Choosing Wyatt as a director, cinematographer, or as an editor will be extremely beneficial to the success of any project.

Gordon Williams, Producer at Lamar Video


by Wyatt

Wyatt Is a very good director.


Wyatt Is a very good director. He understands what is needed to complete a program because he also is an editor. When we work together I have watch him help bring the crew together as a team so everyone understands the final goal. You would be lucky to have him as one of you crew members.

Billy Stewart, Cameraman, sound, editor, owner at william stewart productions


by Wyatt

Wyatt is a true pleasure to work with...


Wyatt's attention to detail and hard working attitude proved crucial for the time he was with us. I have brought him back for some special projects and would not hesitate to do that at any time in the future. Wyatt is a true pleasure to work with.

Jef Kethley, President, PIZAZZ Productions

With Wyatt, it was clear to me that he "got it"...

I have found a few simple truths after many years of training and supervising people in the field of film production and post-production. One of those truths is that if a person "gets it" or has a natural sense of his or her art...you can always help them sharpen their skills and become a great artist. If a person has no natural understanding of the craft, there is nothing you can do to help them. 

After spending a very brief period of time with Wyatt, it was clear to me that he "got it" and over the course of our association I watched him grow as an editor and artist and watched the beginnings of his career as a filmmaker. 

Wyatt is a talented man, a considerate and dedicated employee with a strong work ethic and would make a valuble asset to any organization or project searching for smart, talented and honest individuals. 

W. Ross WellsFilm Director, Zenfilm


Wyatt is an extremely talented individual...


Wyatt is an extremely talented individual whose work ethic matches his skill. He has a "can do" attitude and will do whatever is necessary to create outstanding work. Wyatt's knowledge and understanding of the creative process make him a tremendous asset to any team. Wyatt always produced very high quality work and was a pleasure to work with in every facet.

Bryan Bartow, Art Director, SOMNIO


Very timely manner with great attention to detail..

While working at Somnio, Wyatt delivered projects in a very timely manner with great attention to detail. His fantastic personality resonated well with clients. Overall, when working on a video project with Wyatt you can count on it being on time and on budget. I highly recommend Wyatt and would be happy to work with him again anytime.

Rachel Butler, Producer, Somnio Solutions


Wyatt is an abundantly creative artist...


Wyatt is an abundantly creative artist and is proficient in every area of production from producing and directing to shooting and editing. His client service skills are exceptional. I have had the pleasure of working for him on TBE projects, and as testament to my faith in his skills, I have hired him for my own productions as well. Wyatt brings energy and knowledge of cutting edge technology to every project. He is a major asset to any production.

Chris Clifton, Owner, Clifton Camera Works, Inc.

Wyatt is very knowledgeable...


Wyatt is very knowledgeable in all facets of video production and post. He is highly organized with a great attitude when facing challenging projects and seemingly impossible deadlines. He is very efficient with his work flow and always expanding upon his knowledge in all areas of video production and design. He is also a skilled DP with an eye for composition and balance. It was great to work with Wyatt and I look forward to working with him in the future.

Andrew Sears,  Post Production Supervisor, Team Baby Entertainment


Wyatt is truly a pleasure to work with....

Cagle Works With Actors.png

Wyatt is truly a pleasure to work with. He is without a doubt one of the few, that really invests 100% into a project. Wyatt sees every angle, edit, and obstacle, and without a second glance, identifies the fitting path to take. Wyatt's creative and auspicious methods, bring any production to the next level.

Kenneth Dupuis, Cornerstone Media

Wyatt is a very gifted editor...


Wyatt is a very gifted editor. His command of the medium allows for complete mobility between genres and his insight is indispensable. Working with Wyatt has been a pleasure, and I hope that we are able to join forces in the future on something else exciting.

Joel Love, Music Composer - Shooting Stars