With Wyatt, it was clear to me that he "got it"...

I have found a few simple truths after many years of training and supervising people in the field of film production and post-production. One of those truths is that if a person "gets it" or has a natural sense of his or her art...you can always help them sharpen their skills and become a great artist. If a person has no natural understanding of the craft, there is nothing you can do to help them. 

After spending a very brief period of time with Wyatt, it was clear to me that he "got it" and over the course of our association I watched him grow as an editor and artist and watched the beginnings of his career as a filmmaker. 

Wyatt is a talented man, a considerate and dedicated employee with a strong work ethic and would make a valuble asset to any organization or project searching for smart, talented and honest individuals. 

W. Ross WellsFilm Director, Zenfilm